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Walking & Hicking

For connoisseurs and summiteers


Gerlitzen Alpe

"our local mountain"

Where you might spend your next skiing holiday in winter, you can swing with your hiking sticks today. Our local mountain invites you to enjoy hiking, the lake Ossiach is at your feet and the panorama over the entire Central Carinthian outweighs  up for the "climb". You can also easily reach the center by cable car or car (toll road). From the center you can take the alpine paths to the summit, or take a leisurely stroll along the panorama circuit... Different tours await. (For the very sporty: from the hotel to the summit approx. 4 - 4.5 hours)


>>to the cable car station:  2 minutes by car or public bus transport [details]

>> time duration: from the intermediate section to the top aproxx. 1h 30 min

>> route details: find them here


Slow Trail Ossiacher See

"walk on water"

A visit to the "Bleistätter Moor" slow trail is recommended for those who like to take it easy and walk. This leads through the species-rich nature, landscape and European conservation area of the mouth of the Tiebel and offers insights into the habitat of around 100 different bird species, butterflies, bats and the beaver. Arrive either by car (approx. 10 minutes from the hotel) or, for advanced hikers, by boat to the "Steindorf" pier and via the Slowtrail to Ossiach. From Ossiach, take the ship back to Sattendorf.


>> to the entry of the slow trail:  10 minutes by car  [details]

>> time duration: approx. 6,5 km/ 2 h Steindorf to Ossiach (ship -option), or just walk thorught the area

>> route details: find them here


Burgherrenrunde -

"circle the  Landskron castel"

Walk around the Landskron castle ruin with the well-known eagle observatory and the Affenberg. Explore the foothills of the Ossiacher Tauern - the hills on the opposite side of the lake. Past the ponds under the castle and the Affenberg, you come to the "Jungfernsprung" - a steep rock formation with a fantastic view of the lake and the Gerlitzen Alpe, which "towers" over the lake. The wooden sculpture of the "lake Ossiach See mermaid" tells the legend of the Tauern church and is the namesake of the "Jungfernsprung" rock. The way back is via a short rise through the vinegrapes at the foot of the castle ruin. Also suitable as a family hike!


>> to the entry of the trail: approx. 5 minutes per car  [via castle Landskron toll road ]

>> time duration: approx. 1h 30 min

>> route details: find them here



"Villach alpine road"

The Dobratsch - recognizable from afar by the red-white-red antenna - towers over Villach. You can access this hiker's paradise via the Villach Alpine Road - entry point "Rosstratte". Now you decide whether you enjoy the panorama and stretch your feet a little on the alpine paths, or whether you want to climb the summit at 2,167m. In this case, there are 2 options: 1) via the Elfernock to the German and Windisch church (“easy” option) or 2) via Jägersteig (for experienced and sure-footed/"head for heights" hikers).


>> to the entry of the trail Rosstratte: approx. 30 minutes by car [via Villach alpine raod - toll !]

>> Karnten Card: yes  (tol included)

>> time duration: approx. 3h  (to the top and back to Rosstratte)

>> route details: finde them  here


Peterlewand - lake Ossiach

"rest area with lake view"

Exit the hotel/reception area and turn right, after 20 meters take the first right again. Follow "Deutschbergweg"-street untill the entrance to the hiking trail in the direction of Bodensdorfs/Tiffen. Then follow the signs to Peterlewand. Return either alongside the lake to Sattendorf or by ship - from the "St. Urban" pier.

All >> climbing enthusiasts can also crest the Peterlewand vertically. Free taster courses are also possible with the >> Region Villach Erlebis Card.

>> time duration - start from the hotel: approx. 2h

>> route details: find them  here

Raggaschlucht ©FRANZGERDL.jpg


"the conyon"

Where the wild waters from the high mountains meet hard rock, it has to hold its own. The water makes its way through the rock, through narrow cracks and over breathtaking waterfalls into the valley.


>> to the entry at Flattach village: approx. 1 h [details]

>> Karnten Card: yes

>> time duration: approx. 2h 00 min

>> route details: find them here



"where natural beauty meets thrill"

Experience the elemental force of water in its most beautiful and impressive form! The paths, bridges, ladders and climbs are well secured, but sturdy hiking shoes are recommended in any case. The absolute highlight of the hiking tour through the Tscheppa Gorge is the Tschaukofall (waterfall)  with and te devils bridge! An impressive gorge experience - also ideal on hot summer days!


>> to the entry at Ferlach: approx. 45 minutes by car [details]

>> Karnten Card: yes

>> time duration: approx. 1h 30 min

>> route details: find them here


mill hicking path Kaning [!!! currently closed, June 2023!!!]

"the gentle power of water" 

Playing, marveling and enjoying... these attributes describe the Kaning mill trail. On the family-friendly hiking trail, numerous mills, various playgrounds, a climbing wall and a nature trail await you and make the trip a special adventure.


>> to the entry at Kaning: approx. 35 minutes by car [details]

>> time duration: aproxx. 1h 20 min - 3,8 km circulaton route

>> route details: find them here

Wandern in Kärnten.jpg

Hicking in Carinthia

for hickers and trackers

Not the right thing for you yet, or are you looking for something special? And do you already know the tens of kilometers of the Alps-Adriatic Trail with its numerous sections? Be inspired by the hiking portal of Carinthia Tourism.

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